I love looking at my childhood photos, where I am a little girl with my happy good-looking young parents. They’re holding me in their hands.

I can feel their love right now. It’s inside me, while I’m holding a shabby black-and-white photo from the maternity hospital. I love them more than ever before. I feel connected to them, even though they’re far away. I’m feeling happy.

birth photography

Think about an alive photo, a reality as it is. Video is life. It’s a movie about our life, where we are always alive with our voices and laugh, our steps, with these glances looking at each other.
The first baby’s cry, tears of happiness. Whispering “I love you” and giving a tender long kiss on the lips. Here’s this glance again - you can’t take your eyes off.
birth. video film
Do you remember the first days of your life? When your soul just came to this world in the body of a little fragile creature. Don’t you remember? Now you are so or maybe not so grown-up, strong, tall. You walk, run, jump, ride a bike…

We don’t remember what we were like when we were born. We don’t know. We might have only one photograph, with our dad holding us in his hands. Our body’s size is just right, from his hand to his elbow. Or we’re resting on our mom’s belly. The very beginning of our life is captured in the photo.
Every woman that I know confessed to being nostalgic for her pregnancy. This time is special. A baby growing inside a woman’s belly is miraculous. You don’t see your baby, but you certainly feel it’s a part of you, like an organ or a second heart. A pregnant woman is as beautiful as never before. She glows and breathes life.
When I was a child, my dad used to take photos of me, my mom, sister and brother. I have lots of such photos, where I cry, smile, dressed in beautiful children’s clothes or undressed. Photos with my mom holding me in her hands or kissing my small bald head. It’s been almost 30 years, and I still keep these precious memories, emotions, connection to my ancestry through the feeling of love, then and now.
Can we doubt the value of such an archive?
Let’s create your family story. The story that will be handed down from generation to generation, stay in the memory of generations and gain even more value through the years.
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