birth moments
Doula and Birth Photographer
Birth is probably the most wonderful moment in life
My name is Lyuba, it means Love.

It is love that I express through photography art, making birth photos. It is love that I give to you, fully present and aiming to help in the most important moment of your life.

Birth photographer and Doula. Lyuba Lander

What are the benefits of having a doula?
Studies have shown that women who received continuous support by doulas are more likely to give natural childbirth and less likely to need anesthetic medications, an epidural or any other medical interventions, including cesarean section. What’s important, doula-assisted mothers had less frequent negative birth memories.

It was estimated that doula-assisted birth was on average 40 minutes shorter and babies were less likely to get a lower Apgar score.
My goal is to help you go through your best and most comfortable labor experience
I’m with you.
I’m your fully present assistant. I’ll carefully accompany your delivery process. I’ll stay with you and your family from the eve of your due day until your first date. I’ll also be there for you for a couple of hours after the birth, creating a soft and peaceful space.

I’ll be breathing and talking with you. I’ll provide you with food, a massage or a warm bath. It will smooth your emotional and physical condition. I will be stroking your pain off, staying close so that you feel easy and relaxed, but not scared.

I’m with you.
I’ll support your partner if s/he is there because you are waiting for this important and unforgettable meeting together. I’ll act like your mom who will always be there for you, like a personal assistant.
Our supportive meetings during pregnancy will help you deal with any questions that you find important.

I will provide you with any necessary information for understanding and going through this amazing journey - your best birth experience. I’ll be here for you to find peace and perceive your childbirth as the most significant event, and you and your baby as the most important participants.
I will also capture this unique moment, creating precious memories for your family.
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