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I will set out for this charming childbirth journey with you, with all my joy, awe, care and respect.
Once I worked as a childbirth photographer. I felt like I was born again. I was so deeply impressed by the mystery of birth! I appreciated the uniqueness of that moment - a new coming-into-being, which I carefully and delicately photographed and it felt so responsible… This moment frames the strongest bond between parents and their children, now and many years later.

I felt so engaged in the birth process almost immediately. I realized I wasn’t only a photographer, but also an assistant to the woman and her partner. I’d support and encourage them, bring them a glass of water on time and was simply there for them, fully present.

There was so much power inside me in this presence.
After school I got a degree in psychology, driven by the inner call of helping. I was eager to help people deal with their difficult periods and emotional conditions.

Now I’ve found this special moment with so much love and light. This moment is incomparable and unique. I come to a woman who needs my support. I attach myself to the process of childbirth. This brought me to receiving a special education "Professional doula" on a course with the best specialists of Doula.Link. Then I completed a qualification course in perinatal psychology.

I’ve been a photographer all my life. I make videos and implement creative projects. Now I’m shooting a documentary about pregnancy and childbirth, where I aim to express myself as a director and caregiver.

How I came to childbirth assistance

Birth of a new human being is the most marvelous and beautiful moment I’ve ever seen.
Humans need humans, in good and bad times. In the birth process.
A woman is the strongest creature on the planet, and evolution is the smartest program.

Member and honorable mention in Annual International Association of Professional Birth Photographers Image of the Year Competition.

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